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Treatment Philosophy

Our program works.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases, not choices. Many times, a chemical dependency is a symptom of deeper underlying issues masked by substances. The more an addict abuses, the more difficult it becomes to live without those substances, and he or she falls into a cycle that can ruin every aspect of life.

Discovering and then addressing these core, underlying issues is a process that allows the addict to focus on the roots of the problems -- then creates the journey in rebuilding a new life. At the Greenhouse, this process is just one aspect of our complete wellness tract. Here, transformation and overall wellness is attainable for anyone who makes the decision to change their mindset, thereby transforming their future.

Recovery Plan

Our team of addiction specialists and medical professionals are leaders the industry. They meet the individual on his or her initial level, then design a personalized plan for a journey toward total life transformation. Our approach to addiction treatment and co-occurring disorders is based on decades of clinical and medical research and time-tested methodologies. We support and serve those who struggle with addiction by providing a structure in which they can successfully recover.


The Greenhouse curriculum has been developed from evidence-based practices, with an engaging, fresh and interactive approach. By integrating treatment, we marry the best practices for addiction and mental health with fundamentals of body, mind and spirit wellness.


Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality care while maintaining a comfortable, soothing environment. We tailor our approach to each client by identifying his or her particular needs and creating specific individualized plans.

The Clinical Program

Therapy Modalities
Individual Treatment
Motivational Interviewing
Psycho Education

Meetings and Participation

Clients are expected to attend support group meetings several times a week, along with weekly community meetings and individual therapy sessions, and daily group sessions to ensure each client attains the most therapeutic benefits possible at TGTC.


Several psycho-educational classes are offered daily, emphasizing the evidenced-based treatment modalities of Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) and Systems Thinking.

These classes offer clients the opportunity to assess their current situations, clearly define goals and develop necessary coping skills and strategies. In addition to these classes, clients may participate in life skills classes, nursing groups regarding medications and health conditions, and meditation and fitness groups. Clients are also afforded time for reflection during study hall and free time hours.

12-Step meetings and classes

Several times per week, clients may participate in onsite 12-Step meetings (AA, NA, DRA, etc.) to strengthen peer support and practice working a recovery program. Additionally, clients participate in at least one 12-Step class per week, designed to familiarize clients with the 12 steps and its principles. Step work tasks are completed and presented during these classes.

Recreational Activities

Recreation teaches clients how to enjoy healthy activities, take care of their bodies and make healthy choices. Clients receive many opportunities to enjoy fitness training, swimming, interactive games and other structured activities.

Community Meetings

These meetings allow clients to actively participate in running certain aspects of the house/community. During these meetings, clients and staff engage in constructive and assertive conversations concerning house-related issues.

Individual Therapy

Clients receive individual therapy sessions with their primary therapist.

Group Therapy

Facilitated by a TGTC therapist, clients have the opportunity to explore issues and process their recovery in a safe, peer-supported atmosphere. Group therapy occurs at least twice/week.

Expressive Therapies in Recovery

Clients have the opportunity to express their creativity in weekly group art therapy. This program includes all forms of art, thus allowing each individual to explore his or her drawing, painting, sculpture, music, writing and drama talents.

Challenge and Adventure Therapy

Facilitated by a TGTC therapist, this form of therapy is centered on an activity in which the therapist can actively engage with clients. Examples include group challenges, outdoor activities and games. These activities are designed to help clients identify strengths and skills used, build social support and address basic recovery issues, as well as move clients into deeper insight and healing. These therapy groups focus on learning and internalizing the concepts of boundaries and limits, self-care, acceptance and letting go, trust and accountability.

Family Therapy

One or more family therapy sessions are offered during a client’s stay. This program is intended to include important people in the treatment process, such as a significant other, child, parent, sibling, friend or employer. Developed by renowned Wayne Raiter, MA, LICSW, this program is educational and therapeutic with respect to helping loved ones understand the process of chemical dependency and how to implement healthy coping strategies -- especially when feelings of anxiety and fear arise.

Chances for recovery are increased by family participation, and because of this, we ask all clients to encourage family members and/or loved ones to take part. Insight into working aspects of relationships are discussed, as well as areas where changes may occur.


Recovery is a lifelong way of living; each client’s primary therapist and case management team assist in developing a continuing care plan. Upon leaving TGTC, clients have appropriate contacts and referrals which help in continuing along the road to recovery.

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We at the Greenhouse are committed to helping clients add as many tools as possible to their recovery tool belt. To that end, focus on recovery is our priority. Cell phones laptops, iPads, iPods, etc.) are not permitted.