Greenhouse Treatment Center’s Approach to Care

At Greenhouse Treatment Center, our approach to care is simple. We put our patients first, and we take a holistic approach by ensuring that we treat the whole individual and not just the addiction. What does this mean for you? It means we consider the full spectrum of your needs: your mental health, your physical health, your nutrition, and your plans for life after treatment. In doing so, we help you create the groundwork for lasting recovery.

And that’s what we’re all looking to accomplish: for our patients to find recovery and live long, healthy, and productive lives. The only way that this is possible is to build a solid foundation so that they may stand with strength against the challenges that arise.

Greenhouse Treatment Center, one of AAC’s facilities across the nation, is a place that provides this kind of whole-patient care.

Our team of experienced treatment providers uses evidence-based therapies in both individual and group settings, combined with medical support. You’re surrounded by licensed physicians and professional staff members that care about you and who combine unwavering compassion with proven treatment methods to help you find lifelong freedom from substance abuse.

And because we want to meet the needs of so many that are facing addiction, our offerings go beyond those of many other treatment centers. We understand that different people have different treatment needs, and we’ve created specialized programs to ensure our facility is inclusive and sensitive to the recovery needs of different groups. Greenhouse Treatment Center offers programs such as LGBTQ+ Support, Veterans Services, Chronic Mental Illness Treatment, Christian Recovery Program, Impaired Professionals Program, and First Responders Services.

Our multiple levels of care provide many options for you to get the type of care you want and need. Programs at Greenhouse Treatment Center include:

Based upon your physician’s assessment, your medical history, the drug of abuse, and other variables, your treatment program will be uniquely tailored for you.

We are fully committed to helping individuals battling a substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol use disorder (AUD). We are accredited with CARF and JCAHO, which exemplifies our commitment to serving our community, assessing improving our services regularly, and inviting feedback. And of course, we are licensed by the Republic of Texas.

We stand behind our treatment programs so much so that it’s our brand promise that if you undergo 90 days of consecutive treatment, and still relapse, you can return for 30 more days at an American Addiction Centers facility—free of charge.

And we don’t stop there. As leaders in our community, we host education seminars about addiction, as well as chapter meetings for Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

We’re here to help. We’re here to serve. Reach out to us for help at any time at to learn about our addiction treatment program in Texas at Greenhouse Treatment Center.

A New Life Awaits
Start your recovery at our spa-like facility in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Holistic therapies, chef-prepared meals, and LGBTQ+ support are among the many features of our premier drug and alcohol treatment program.