Families: What to Know about Your Loved One’s Treatment at Greenhouse

While staying at Greenhouse, your loved one will spend the better part of their time in group sessions, 12-step recovery groups, or therapy. Time spent in reflection is also encouraged. They may also spend some of their day completing assignments that pertain to their recovery.

Your loved one will have several hours per day where they have free time or time to attend classes such as yoga that will help them to practice mindfulness while also strengthening their bodies. During these periods of free time, your loved one is free to call you.

Full, balanced meals are served 3 times per day. The day ends when the lights go off at 11:00 pm.

During your loved one’s time in treatment, they will work to create an aftercare plan so that both they and you know what to steps to take when they come home. 

Can We Talk on the Phone?

Couple in recover holding hands

Your loved one may call or Facetime you while in treatment, as we do not place restrictions on cell phones or electronics. However, phone calls may only be placed outside of program hours. 

When your loved one initially enters Greenhouse, they will be assigned a primary therapist who will be the family’s main point of contact from the facility. The therapist will be in touch with family members within the first 48 hours. They will then provide a weekly update, as long as they have signed a release of information form.

If you are not hearing from your loved one, you may contact the family therapist; however, please note that if the patient does not wish for information to be released, we cannot go against their wishes.

What Is My Role?

Addiction impacts not only the individual but everyone who loves them. Families are severely affected by this disease and so should be part of the recovery process.

Our staff knows the value of family integration into the recovery process and invites family members to come to Greenhouse on the first and third weekends of each month to take part in a full day of classes and groups with their loved one. They will learn about the disease of addiction and the vitally important role that family members play in their loved one’s recovery from addiction.

Many family members make the trip to Greenhouse from their home cities and find the trip and the program to be incredibly meaningful and transformative to their family system.

Your loved one’s primary therapist might also invite you participate in therapy at the facility or via Skype if they deem it necessary. 

Family Visits

Greenhouse does not set a visitation schedule for family and friends. Visits need to be coordinated through your loved one’s primary therapist. We do not allow spontaneous visits/drop-ins.

Finding a Hotel

  • Crown Plaza Suite, Arlington.*
  • Residence Inn.
  • Hampton Suites.
  • Hilton.

* You may be able to receive a discounted rate when you tell them you’re visiting Greenhouse.

Can I Bring Gifts to Greenhouse?

Yes, you may bring items to your loved one, but please refrain from bringing:

  • Any food or drinks.
  • Unwrapped/unopened cigarettes or vapes.
  • Illicit drugs or alcohol.
  • Suggestive clothing.

Items brought to the facility will need to be opened in front of a staff member.

What If My Loved One Wants to Leave?

We know how incredibly frustrating and difficult it can be to see your loved one finally accept the help they need, only to leave before finishing treatment. If your loved one insists on leaving Greenhouse, they do have that choice; however, we will do everything we can to keep your loved one on their path to recovery.

If they express an interest in leaving, against professional advice, we will attempt an intervention with our REACH team, which may consist of your loved one’s doctor, primary therapist, nurse, case manager, and potentially some family members. Other people may be included as deemed appropriate.

New Resource: Family Support Team

At Greenhouse, our program graduates gain access to the American Addiction Centers recovery app. Recently we added a new digital feature that allows family members of current patients and alumni to join our community and get added resources.

Our new Family Support Team gives family members the option to:

  • Post content and engage with other families.
  • Track milestones during their loved one’s recovery process.
  • Record positive reflections in a gratitude journal.
  • Read and view inspirational content, including videos and podcasts.

Note: Our family track is separate from our alumni track, so family members and alumni can be open and honest in our support channels while continuing to maintain their privacy.

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