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Recovery from addiction takes time, and some people require continuing care to maintain their sobriety. Leaving rehab or participating in a less intensive level of care doesn’t mean you suddenly have to go it alone.

Sober living at Resolutions Arlington is a fantastic resource for people who need additional support in their recovery, no matter their status. Transitional housing can help people who may be:

  • Coming out of higher levels of addiction treatment (such as inpatient rehab or partial hospitalization program).
  • In outpatient programming and looking for additional support.
  • Realizing that their home environment is too triggering and they need a new living situation to avoid relapse.

Whether you are participating in an inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment program at Greenhouse Treatment Center, we make the move to our sober living community a smooth transition.

What Is Sober Living?
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How Sober Living Works

For people who have recently completed intensive drug and alcohol treatment, the transition out of inpatient or residential rehabilitation and back into society can be challenging. The freedom may be welcomed, but it may feel overwhelming at the same time.

A sober living facility puts you in an environment where accountability and recovery are valued. Resolutions Arlington provides you with a great degree of freedom combined with a schedule, network of supportive peers, and house manager who can check in with you and help you stay on the right track.

As a resident of Resolutions Arlington, you’ll have a certain amount of structure, participating in house activities and attending treatment and meetings through provided transportation.

Why Greenhouse Resolutions?
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How Greenhouse Resolutions (Sober Living) Supports Recovery

Our sober living facility at Resolutions Arlington near Dallas and Fort Worth accepts all individuals currently in active recovery who need the support of a sober community and a substance-free living environment.

Many of our sober living community residents find Resolutions to be an ideal environment for them, whether they have just completed inpatient treatment or are continuing their treatment with an outpatient program.

We also offer financial assistance to qualified individuals. Anyone can apply for assistance, and approval is based on several factors. To learn more and apply, visit our payment options for rehab page or call .

Photos & Reviews
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Sober Living Photos & Patient Reviews

At Greenhouse Resolutions our guests are able to work, get support during recovery and join a community with other people in similar phases of the life. Don't take our word for it - see what our alumni have to say and take a look at our accommodations.

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