Young Adult Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

Addiction Treatment for Young Adults
The Renewed Purpose addiction treatment program at Greenhouse offers a specialized drug and alcohol treatment track for young men between the ages of 18 and 27.
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Substance Use Treatment for Young Adults

Young adults have some of the highest rates of substance misuse.1 If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, effective treatment is available. Learn about the drug and alcohol rehab program we offer at Greenhouse designed for young male adults aged 18 to 27.

Renewed Purpose Program for Young Adults

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At Greenhouse Treatment Center, the Renewed Purpose treatment track is a trauma-focused drug and alcohol rehab program designed for young adults.

During Renewed Purpose sessions, addiction treatment professionals work with participants to address dysfunctional behaviors and explore the root cause of unhealthy practices in their lives.

Justin McNeely, a licensed therapist at Greenhouse, leads this treatment program and brings years of experience and expertise to the role.

Session curriculum provides participants with a safe place to:

  • Recognize signs of abuse and neglect.
  • Address how these factors exacerbate substance use.
  • Learn coping skills to manage emotions, stress, and triggers.

The Renewed Purpose addiction program for young adults is gender-focused, includes family education, and helps individuals learn how to:

  • Establish appropriate boundaries.
  • Foster healthy relationships.
  • Use effective communication strategies.

During What Level of Care Is Renewed Purpose Offered?

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The Renewed Purpose rehab program is available during residential treatment at Greenhouse. This tailored treatment plan enables young adults with substance use disorders to have their specific needs met during treatment.

Outside of Renewed Purpose sessions, individuals attend regular residential treatment programming.

What Happens After Residential Care?

Many residential rehab attendees step down to some level of outpatient programming, whether that be a partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient, or standard outpatient therapy.

Upon transitioning out of residential treatment, young adults who participated in Renewed Purpose sessions may engage in regular programming at the outpatient level of care that is right for them.

Greenhouse also offers a drug-free sober living facility for residents who need additional support in preventing relapse after residential treatment.

How to Get Admitted to the Young Adults Rehab Program

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We make it easy to get admitted to the young adults rehab program at Greenhouse. Caring admissions navigators are available 24/7 to share additional information with you about this specialty track and answer any questions you may have.

We’ll walk you through the rehab admissions process and go over the various ways to pay for rehab.

If you or a loved one is interested in the Renewed Purpose young adult program at Greenhouse, please call .

Does Health Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment for Young Adults?

Greenhouse Treatment Center is in-network with many major insurance providers. Your insurance coverage for rehab may help to cover some or all of the cost of treatment depending on your particular plan and level of coverage.

Simply use our online form to quickly .

Take a Look Inside Our Dallas-Fort Worth Rehab

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Our spa-like drug rehab near Dallas offers comprehensive care using a variety of evidence-based therapies. Expert addiction treatment professionals work to help each person achieve long-term sobriety.

At Greenhouse, you’ll find a relaxing, safe environment where you can heal from addiction and develop the skills you need for lasting recovery.

Customized Care for Young Adults

Our specialized treatment track provides added support and is designed for young adults struggling with substance use.
  • A Safe Space for Healing

    Greenhouse provides a safe place to process what you’ve experienced. Heal from the traumas of your past with the help of expert therapists.

  • Form Healthy Bonds

    During treatment, you’ll learn how to form healthy relationships with others and realize you can enjoy life while in recovery.

  • Learn New Skills

    From being able to recognize traumas you went through to learning improved communication and coping skills, what you learn in our young adults rehab program will stay with you far beyond your days at Greenhouse.

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