5 Sober Activities During the Quarantine

Many Americans have found themselves under quarantine orders as the coronavirus pandemic rages across the nation. While the first few days of staying at home may be relaxing and enjoyable, boredom is bound to set in eventually. Many may seek to drink to quell the boredom. People in recovery may be especially susceptible to this mindset, as their support networks have essentially been put on hold.

It’s important to remember that there are dozens of sober activities to keep yourself occupied during the quarantine.

1: Exercise

Exercise is not only a good way to pass time during a quarantine, it’s also a great way to support your recovery. Thirty minutes to an hour of exercise a day will leave you not only feeling better, but could elevate your mood and prevent relapse. While the gym may unfortunately not be an option, there are a variety of public parks, hiking trails, and exercise paths open for use during the pandemic. Just remember to stay six feet away from others.man exercising as a sober activity in quarantine

2: Learn a New Skill

Being stuck at home during a quarantine doesn’t mean that you can’t be productive. Taking the quarantine to capitalize and learn a new skill can be a great sober activity to keep yourself occupied during the pandemic. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw or paint. Now that the weather is getting nice, perhaps it’s time to give gardening a try. Your boss said that he’s looking for people experienced in that new software, why not give it a whirl. Your addiction counselor said that journaling everyday can aid recovery; it’s as good a time as any to try. Exploring your interests and hobbies and honing new skills that are conducive to life in recovery can help you hit the ground running once the pandemic is done.

3: Read

There’s no better time to get caught up on reading than when you’re stuck inside for several hours a day. Reading can serve many purposes. A lot of times, it could be to learn a new skill from somebody else’s written expertise. Or it could be to relax and enjoy a good story, probably after you’ve run out of television shows to stream. Regardless of which you opt for, there are several online libraries, booksellers, and audiobook retailers ready to connect you with the best literature out there.

Reading is also a great way to aid your recovery. There are several books written specifically for those who struggle with substance abuse. Whether you’re seeking to learn more about the disease of addiction to help a loved one, augment your knowledge of life in sobriety, or get inspired by reading about others who overcame addiction, there are hundreds of books to read during the pandemic.

4: Meditate

Sometimes, we just need to take a moment to breathe. During times of stress, we may need more of these moments. That’s why mindfulness and meditation is such a powerful activity during pandemics, and generally while in recovery. Taking a half hour to meditate can be a great way to reset and refocus on what is important. Oftentimes you may find that meditation can help reduce your stress levels, too. Best of all, with countless guided meditation sessions available online, the activity is free and easy to do while under quarantine.

Meditation also has several benefits for those who struggle with addiction. When one is in the throes of addiction, they often find themselves disconnected from their spirits and bodies. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can help these individuals reconnect. By taking the time to reestablish trust with yourself, and to reflect on all your experiences, you can isolate unhealthy coping mechanisms and negative responses to stress.

5: Attend a Virtual Support Meeting

For those in recovery, many activities may inadvertently support sobriety. Before the quarantine, gatherings with friends, family, and loved ones might have provided a stable way to reconnect with others. Day trips to museums, hiking trails, movie theatres, or other venues might have provided a way to relax with those important to you. However, with the current quarantine, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to go out and be with people. Luckily, there are still ways to get in contact with those in your support network.woman on computer attending virtual support meeting to maintain sobriety

Video calling apps have connected people around the world, even during the current coronavirus crisis. Not only can you connect with loved ones, you can also focus on expanding your support network. Many addiction treatment facilities are offering virtual support meetings to help individuals maintain sobriety, even during a time of pandemic.

Addiction Treatment During a Pandemic

Sometimes, sober activities aren’t enough to overcome addiction. At Greenhouse Treatment Center, we understand that the best way to overcome addiction is with patient-centric, medically informed treatment. Don’t wait for the pandemic to pass to start your life in recovery. Call today to begin your journey to sobriety.

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