Greenhouse’s New Program for Recovering Professionals

Addiction doesn’t discriminate based on your occupation. Waiter, construction worker, investment banker, politician, astronaut: all are susceptible to alcohol and drug abuse. However, while every occupation sees some rate of substance abuse, others are more vulnerable. In particular, licensed professionals often see higher rates of substance abuse.

Luckily, there is help out there. Greenhouse Treatment Center has recently introduced its Licensed Professionals Treatment Program. This program is designed to provide addiction treatment for credentialed professionals whose work stresses may influence patterns of substance abuse.

Licensed Professionals Treatment Program

Oftentimes, stress is just a part of the job. Some jobs are more stressful than others. Those who don’t know how to cope with stress may be prone to addiction. Licensed professionals like lawyers, doctors, and healthcare workers are the most at risk groups. Studies have found that 21% of lawyers struggle with alcohol abuse, while an estimated one in ten medical professionals will struggle with substance abuse (either drug or alcohol) at some point in their lives.licensed professional who needs treatment struggling with fallouts of addiction at work

Greenhouse’s new program is designed to cater specifically to the needs of these individuals. Since licensed professionals often experience heightened levels of stress, they face heightened and unique challenges with addiction. In general, licensed professionals may experience caregiver burnout, trauma, high professional obligations, and licensing concerns. All of these may be faced while the individual attempts to maintain their professional image and status. Greenhouse’s team is trained to address all these mechanisms that may drive a professional to abuse substance.

“For those in careers with distinct occupational demands and responsibilities, confronting addiction can be difficult and worrisome,” said Dr. Casey Green, medical director at Greenhouse, who runs the Licensed Professionals Program. “It’s important that their specific needs and recovery issues are addressed personally and professionally.” In this vein, the program is run by a team of doctors, nurses, masters-level therapists, advanced practice registered nurses, and case managers. Care is comprehensive and individualized based on the patient’s needs.

Finding Help at Greenhouse

The Licensed Professionals Program is just one of many specialized treatment tracks available at Greenhouse. There are a variety of programs designed for different demographics at Greenhouse, such as an LGBTQ program, a Christian Recovery Program, and the Personalist & Therapeutic Healing Track (PATH). Don’t wait to start your journey to recovery.

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