Military Appreciation Month Addresses Mental Health and Addiction

America’s armed service members are known for making monumental sacrifices for our country. Both active duty and retired veterans at some point during their lives were willing to give up everything to protect the nation, and for many, the weight of those sacrifices has become a difficult burden to bear.

May is Military Appreciation month a time to honor everyone who has served in a branch of the U.S. Military. This month, across America, there is also an effort to raise awareness about mental health disorders. By understanding how these disorders can affect service members and veterans, in a unique way, those who are suffering can start to see treatment in a new light and begin to heal.

With more than 23 million veterans across the country, studies indicate only half of returning service members who need treatment for their mental health seek treatment, and substance misuse continues to create a growing concern among both active members of the armed forces and veterans.

Veterans’ Substance Misuse and Mental Health Treatment

Greenhouse Treatment Center offers a treatment program for veterans called “Veterans program.”  This program (also referred to as the Battalion program) consists of a four-week curriculum that focuses on the neurobiology of addiction, PTSD, and learning how to rebuild or expand resources that will allow patients to cope with daily life without substances.

Servicemember with wife and doctor

“Those with careers that often involve traumatic events encounter situations that the average person may never experience,” said Tyler Harrell, CEO of Greenhouse Treatment Center. “In order to best treat veterans specialized treatment that caters to their unique experiences is necessary to lead them to recovery.”

To maintain sobriety, upon completion of the program, Greenhouse will work with veterans to ensure that they have the resources they need such as housing, VA appointments, mental health resources, and local support.

“Adding the Battalion program to our list of services is an honor,” said Harrell. “Asking for help is a courageous action, and when our veterans reach out, we want to make sure that we’re available to help in every way we can.”

This program also includes specialized treatment for all first responders. First responders can include police/correctional officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and workers from other professions that can involve exposure to trauma on the job.

Greenhouse Treatment Center’s inpatient rehab facility in Texas offers a luxurious treatment environment that combines high-quality addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment with a full range of rehab amenities that includes an indoor pool and spa, gym, and more. Greenhouse Treatment Center also offers a sober living house in Arlington for those who’ve completed their program and still need additional support.


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