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Mixing Alcohol and Vicodin

Vicodin is a prescription painkiller that combines an opioid (hydrocodone) with an analgesic/fever-reducer (acetaminophen) to help manage moderately levels of pain.1 This medication is commonly prescribed after surgical procedures or injury,…

Vicodin Detox and Withdrawal Management

Vicodin is a Schedule II controlled substance that consists of two medications—the primary active component is a synthetic opioid painkiller (hydrocodone) and the other is a fever-reducing analgesic medication that does not…

Vicodin Abuse, Detox & Treatment Options

What Is Vicodin? Vicodin is a previously-available brand name prescription formulation of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. This prescription painkiller combines an opioid, hydrocodone, with the antipyretic/analgesic, acetaminophen.1 Acetaminophen is widely available in…