What Should I Expect When my Loved One Goes to Treatment?

You’ll likely feel a mix of emotions when your loved one enters addiction treatment. After all, drug or alcohol addiction has a huge impact on everyone, not just the individual using. The emotional scale may tip in one direction over the other each day. You’re happy they’re going to get the help they need. The next day you may be scared treatment may be too overwhelming for them and they’ll want to quit. Whatever you’re experiencing right now is natural.

At Greenhouse Treatment Center, we make sure your loved one is in the care of good hands. From physicians, to nurses, to all our professional medical staff, you can rest assured that your loved ones are receiving exceptional treatment within a supportive environment. Located in the state of Texas, Greenhouse is one of the American Addiction Centers’ facilities, a nationwide leader in addiction treatment.

So, what does a day look like for individuals who attend Greenhouse?

Much of their time is spent in therapy, group sessions, or 12-step recovery groups. But the free time that they are allotted, allows them to attend classes (like yoga) that contribute to them strengthening their bodies and practicing mindfulness. In between their activities and free time, they are provided healthy, balanced meals served three times a day. Each day ends at 11:00 p.m. The schedule helps to give individuals working through recovery the structure they need.

In case you’re feeling left out of the loop by this information alone, don’t worry; you won’t be. Greenhouse Treatment Center invites family members to the facility on the first and third weekend of each month. During this time, you’re able to participate in a day of groups and classes with your loved one. It’s also an educational experience. You will get an opportunity to learn how family members play a significant role in their loved one’s recovery, as well as learn about the disease of addiction.

During their free time, your loved one will have the opportunity to call you or even Facetime, depending on what works best for you both. Plus, when they are first admitted into Greenhouse, they are assigned a primary therapist. This individual will serve as the family’s main point of contact, providing weekly updates on your loved one (contingent on a signed release of information form is completed). Keep in mind, if your loved one doesn’t want their information shared, Greenhouse will respect their wishes.

Although we don’t have a set schedule for visitation, family members are not allowed to spontaneously drop by without notice. It’s up to you to coordinate specific dates and times with the primary therapist.

The decision to go to treatment is rarely an easy one to make. And for some, walking through the doors of a facility may be just as challenging, if not more. But the rewards of living a life of long-term sobriety are worth the temporary fear and concerns at the beginning of their road to recovery. Greenhouse Treatment Center may be just the solution that your loved one needs and is looking for.

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