Why Attend the Specialized Professionals Addiction Treatment Program?

Integrity and reputation are pillars that hold up many professions. Without them, some careers even fail. Doctors, engineers, lawyers, CPAs (certified public accountants), and the like are both educated and called to serve others. How they conduct themselves and how society views them, places a large weight of responsibility on their shoulders. They’re respected pillars of the community and are often held to higher degrees than humanly possible. Couple this with struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, and life may feel overwhelming.

At Greenhouse Treatment Center, an American Addiction Center’s facility, we offer the Licensed Professionals Substance Abuse Treatment Program.

Regardless of what an individual does for a living, there are times when they may need help just as much as anyone else. We may see those who are dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and physician’s assistants as individuals who are there to only help us, but there are times when they are the ones in need of care and should be able to receive it equally and without judgement.

Located in Grand Prairie, Texas, Greenhouse Treatment Center is a great place for an individual to start their road to recovery. From an upscale setting, inclusive of the luxuries of a spa, fitness center/gym, and nutritionally balanced meals, individuals will have access to comforting amenities while they get to focus on working through the program, process, and their addiction.

The program also offers supervised medical detox for those chemically dependent on a substance. And although residential treatment, inpatient rehabilitation, and a partial hospitalization program is offered, there are professionals who would prefer to maintain their personal and professional responsibilities by taking advantage of the standard outpatient treatment or the intensive outpatient program.

Both outpatient programs provide the flexibility for working professionals to continue to work in their field, take care of their personal responsibilities in their household, and give their addiction the attention it needs in order to get sober and to live a life of long-term sobriety.

Of course, the drug and alcoholism treatment program that an individual is placed in must also be determined by an individualized, comprehensive assessment. This takes into account any co-occurring mental health conditions, medical history, and substance abuse history. If it’s determined, for example, that a residential program is what’s most effective for an individual to reach long-term sobriety, then it may be in the individual’s best interest to speak openly with their physician to see how they can fit this into their lives. Alcohol and drug addiction treatments are not only determined based on what the patient believes is their best option, although that does weigh into the decision-making process, but other variables such as the severity of the addiction weighs heavily as well.

Greenhouse’s drug and alcohol treatment services provides:

  • Trauma groups.
  • Stress management training.
  • Wellness-focused treatments (e.g., yoga, pain management).
  • Grief and loss groups.
  • Goals and intervention groups.
  • And so much more…

Whether an individual is a doctor, therapist, or a corporate attorney struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, Greenhouse Treatment Center is not only empathetic with their situation, but they also understand it. Greenhouse will create a customized addiction treatment plan just for the individual in order to help them achieve long-term sobriety one step at a time.

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