Why Travel Out of Town for Treatment?

Going to treatment for substance abuse is not just about detoxing from drugs or alcohol. It’s also about your experience. It’s about creating a fresh start. Part of what helps those battling addiction to achieve long-term sobriety is to have an environment that supports their recovery efforts. Traveling out of town to a treatment facility can be that new beginning. To look at life through a new set of lenses and a new set of circumstances can make all of the difference. Greenhouse Treatment Center, an American Addiction Centers facility, may be that fresh start. Located in Grand Prairie, Texas, Greenhouse is snuggled between Dallas and Fort Worth, making it a breeze for people to travel to from out-of-state. Its home to Epic Waters Indoor Water Park, museums like Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and golf courses. Although the Lone Star State doesn’t disappoint, Greenhouse itself is its own force to be reckoned with. Treating both addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders, individuals are welcomed with nutritious meals and indoor and outdoor pools.

Road to Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Addiction

The Greenhouse Treatment Center experience immerses you in an environment that supports the individual that you are. Using AAC’s technology to provide genetic testing allows them to determine the most effective medical treatment for your specific needs. Your treatment needs will be reassessed consistently and adjusted accordingly in order to provide you with the care that serves you the most effectively at any given time during your program. Despite your challenges with substance abuse, you get treated like you matter. Because you do. Who you are matters. How you’re supported matters. What you’re willing to do matters. Greenhouse is there to offer an olive branch in what may feel like a chaotic world. Take it. Sobriety doesn’t have to be out of reach. It’s just a matter of extending your hand and being willing to ask for the help that is readily available to you.

People who support your recovery efforts are equally as important as being within a safe environment. Free from those who choose to still use drugs. Free from drug dealers. Free from negative influences. Although a new environment may contribute to your success during treatment, surrounding yourself with supportive family members can do just the same. Greenhouse welcomes family members to be part of this process with you. We even provide family therapy to help mend relationships that have been torn apart by addiction. The only way for wounds to stop hurting, or to at least not be as painful, is to heal them. Greenhouse Treatment Center also offers holistic therapies like meditation, expressive therapy groups, and yoga.

Not only will you have family and a safe environment to begin your journey, but you will also be provided an entire treatment team to support your recovery efforts. Psychiatric providers, nurses, case managers, and therapists will help you to discover emotional, physical, and mental wellness. With a team of individuals supporting you from different perspectives to address all of your needs, you increase your ability to remain sober long-term.

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A New Life Awaits
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