Sober Living

Our sober living facility at Resolutions Arlington accepts all individuals currently in active recovery who need the support of a sober community and a substance-free living environment. We do not limit residents to alumni of Greenhouse treatment programs.

What Happens After Rehab?

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Recovery from addiction takes time, and some people require a longer time in treatment to maintain their sobriety. Leaving rehab doesn’t mean you suddenly have to go it alone.

Sober living at Resolutions Arlington is a fantastic resource for people who need additional support in their recovery, no matter their status. Sober living solutions are suitable options for people coming out of higher levels of care (such as an inpatient or partial hospitalization program), as well as people who have simply come to realize that their home environment is too triggering and they need a new living situation to avoid relapse.

Choosing Resolutions Arlington, TX

Entering our sober living facility puts you in an environment where accountability and recovery are valued. Living with people in your situation can provide the support and guidance needed to maintain a drug-free lifestyle outside the walls of an inpatient program.

Easier Transition from Rehab to Home

For people who have recently completed intensive drug and alcohol treatment, the transition out of an inpatient detoxification or residential rehabilitation and back into society is challenging. The freedom may be welcomed, but it can feel overwhelming at the same time.

A sober living facility puts you in an environment where accountability and recovery are valued.

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Outside of residential treatment, the lack of structure and accountability can lead you back into a pattern of poor decisions. Resolutions Arlington provides you a great degree of freedom combined with a schedule, a network of supportive peers, and a house manager who can check in with you and help you stay on the right track. As a resident of Resolutions Arlington, you’ll have a certain amount of structure, participating in house activities and attending treatment and meetings with transportation provided for you.

Sober Environment

Leaving an inpatient or residential treatment center means leaving the safety of a controlled environment for the risks of the outside world. Many people make the mistake of returning home without giving much thought to what awaits them there.

Upon returning home, you could step back into:

  • Friends who continue to use.
  • A dangerous environment.
  • Conflictual relationships with family or romantic partners.
  • Limited access to professional treatment.

Returning to an environment overflowing with triggers can spark cravings strong enough to jeopardize anyone’s recovery. To maintain sobriety, you need a safe, supportive, and drug-free environment. This combination is exactly what awaits you at Resolutions Arlington.

Sober living houses offer a desirable balance of freedom and responsibility to foster your motivation and independence.

Successful Recovery from Addiction

Longer periods of treatment result in longer periods of recovery, but not every person can devote months or years of their life to focus on recovery alone. For people who need to incorporate recovery into their work and family lives, sober living houses provide the opportunity, allowing you to return to your normal life but within a recovery setting.

Sober living houses are building a strong record of success. Sober living houses have been shown to:

  • Reduce overall substance use.
  • Improve employment.
  • Reduce involvement with the criminal justice system.
  • Improve psychiatric symptoms.

Especially when combined with professional treatment or 12-step programs, sober living houses can help you maintain your recovery while improving your overall well-being.

Sober Living that Feels like Home

Not only are sober living houses at Resolutions Arlington focused on recovery, but they are focused on your comfort as well. To make your time in sober living as pleasant as possible, we offer settings and amenities you’ll love.

Resolutions Arlington offers:

  • Separate men’s and women’s apartment-style quarters.
  • Daily transportation.
  • House managers on staff.
  • Chef-cooked meals.
  • On-site gym.
  • Game room with pool table.
  • Laundry facilities.
  • Cable TV and phone in each room.
  • Free WiFi.
  • Housekeeping services.
  • Non-smoking rooms.
  • Full Staff.
  • Pool.
  • Rec Room.
  • Meditation Room.
  • Business Center.

Is Sober Living the Best Choice for Me?

Wondering if sober living is a good fit for you? While we believe it can benefit anyone in recovery, it may be especially beneficial for you if:

  • You are stepping down from a higher level of treatment.
  • You are dealing with medical or mental health issues in addition to addiction.
  • You do not have the time, resources, or flexibility for longer residential treatments.
  • Your current recovery plan is not effective.
  • Your home environment lacks the stability and support you need.
  • Returning to your home will likely result in relapse.

Resolutions Arlington provides sober living options for people in recovery regardless of their location. Call to learn more about the facility, requirements, and availability. Staying at Resolutions Arlington could mean the difference between relapse and lifelong recovery.

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