Becoming the Best YOU: The Role of Luxury in Recovery

Picture this moment: you have just spiraled through the some of the worst months, maybe even years of your life. Your life, relationships and career have all become unmanageable. You find yourself in a seemingly never-ending cycle, in which you have tried – and failed – to cope. Time after time, drugs and alcohol dull the pain, for a while, but your mind, body and spirit remain exhausted. You’ve lost your capability to cope with the world around you – moving at a faster speed every day. Expectations thrust upon you, you heighten your substance usage to mask your battles, maintain the façade and be who the rest of the world needs you to be. Before long, you realize, you aren’t sure who is the CEO of this life anymore – you or the drug. You know you need help to process, but where to begin? Where to recharge? Where to renew?

It’s understandable to feel some frustration when you realize you’re struggling with addiction – especially when you have worked so hard to get where you are. Shouldn’t your recovery work just as hard for you? Why go to a state facility, where you become just a number – one of many battling against the high staff to patient ratios? Where you find yourself stranded on the island of a waitlist, and when you do finally get the treatment, it seems more like a band-aid on a scrape than actual true healing. You feel like you’re more of a bed count than a human being. You’ve heard all the stories and sometimes it seems like getting off the whirlwind to get help might be as agonizing as continuing to hold on for the ride.

Wouldn’t you rather escape to treatment that feels like a spa? One where you can already feel your spirit begin to rest as you roll up the driveway through lush landscaping and picturesque fountains?

The Benefits of Luxury Rehab

Instead, enter the world of private, luxury recovery centers – where treatment facilities focused on you, the individual, and not just the disease. Find yourself again – mind, body and soul – surrounded by amenities that center you on regaining the joy in life again. You want treatment that will make you feel appreciated and cared for until you are ready to care for yourself again. Luxury recovery care is designed to wrap in you an evidence-based, clinical treatment program while providing a holistic healing experience.

Luxury recovery centers, like Greenhouse, located near Dallas, TX, offer you unmatched benefits where you can truly lift off the corporate burden, relax and unwind in an atmosphere of specialized, personalized treatment. No two addictions are the same, and luxury recovery treatment centers understand that no two patients are the same. In treatment facilities like Greenhouse, you can find healing with all the comfort and familiarity of your favorite resort, without many of the toxic outside influences that trigger your addictions.

Rehab, Rest, and Recovery

Luxury recovery centers are able to function at a higher level of service, meaning that they are able to offer their clients a more comprehensive continuum of research-based, individualized treatment. Often you will have a multidisciplinary team – dedicated to evaluating and determining your care, without the “One Size Fits All” approach. Centers like Greenhouse have access to some of the best, board-certified physicians, counselors and therapists focused on your holistic healing. By treating the whole person, individuals, families and communities become empowered through quiet healing and promotion of optimal wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Choosing a luxury recovery center for your treatment means that you are investing in getting the best answers for your care and creating the best solutions for yourself to begin thriving again. Don’t just settle for treatment that checks the boxes – select the treatment that asks more than the surface questions to help develop the plan of care you water feature at greenhouse treatment center where an addict can rest and recover

Luxury recovery treatment centers allow you to focus on YOU – working through your individual therapy, meeting in group therapy with others on a similar journey, and ultimately leaving with a holistic, end to end plan for reintegrating to your life and all it’s demands. You can truly rest and regain strength through accredited therapies and programs, designed for your overall wellness.

If the goal is total sobriety, why not give yourself the best opportunity you can, by giving yourself the best treatment you can? Invest in your care and set yourself up for success. Accessing the quality of care at a luxury treatment facility allows you to become the best version of you that you can possibly be.

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